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Pictures for this recording game were provided by: J-2 , Tycek , Silnev , Klumb3r , speedfreak975 , Jonathan6506 , JFK , XTh Un De RX , negroid Bart , tupacserbia , Attacker1997 , ascension Zoom , carcrasher88 , Gods acquaintance holding device , robi , vocal95 , alatriste2003 , car-dude44 , Loek , Optare D , sajmon14 , Frankie Cheeks75 , Geo ZR177 , Mcthieve , Racedriver43 Newer games of GTA series, are going bad, in my opinion. Yes, trailer looks very promising, but this halting is propably not gonna to be as revolutionary, as GTA1, or GTA III. The first one was..first one, and GTA III was the first in a 3d world, so its baffling to beat that. Also, i dont attention if its not revolutionary, as eternal as its fun and good, its perfect. likewise hopefully there intention be some many trailers for more cars. It looked great, no doubting that, but I'm troubled to see how it justifies beingness a "proper" sequel to GTA IV rather than a spin-off like Vice City and San Andreas. The prizewinning thing about the trailer was the location, 3 cities, loads of rural areas, mountains, differnat areas means diffetrnat cars, san andreas had a really goodish car list. Hopefully the rumours of duple playable protagonists is true. Hopefully it has heaps of new cars not just ones from former games.

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Voice actor: Fumiya Yazaki (Japanese dub), Wang Mingjun (Mandarin dub), Niseem Onorato (Italian dub), Alexandre Moreno (Portuguese dub), Arturo Mercado Jr. (Spanish dub), José Posada (Spanish-Spain dub), Dennis Schmidt-Foß (German) backward back to SOCCENT gardant Operations dishonourable in katar peninsula afterwards a mission behind foeman lines, chieftain Lennox's men discussed what they were feat to do in one case they got abode to the States. As usual, Fig talked about his mom's cooking in Spanish, Epps commented that he'd ne'er go for a dinner invitation to Fig's house and Donnelly reminisced about flat beer, cold hot dogs and baseball on weekends.

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