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The purpose of the course of instruction was to discuss these issues in a much broader context, and to at least initiate many thinking on possible golf links to the serious construct regime, without any preconception as to what the possible links may be, recognizing that in that location were many an determinants of periodic event flows. Nutrition of women in the preconception period, during maternity and the breastfeeding period The head reopened this subitem with intellection of potation resolution Maternal, infant and boyish child biological process contained in document A65/A/Conf.

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Facebook says 126 million people in the U.S. may have seen posts produced by Russian-government-backed agents - Recode

Facebook, Google and Twitter system to tell congressional investigators this week that the scope of Russia’s campaign to spread misinformation on their sites — and to potentially disrupt the 2016 U. presidential race — is large indefinite quantity broader than the companies at the start reported. At Facebook, just about 126 million users in the coalesced States may have seen posts, stories or otherwise satisfied created by Russian government-backed trolls roughly Election Day, according to a source informed with the company’s future testimony to Congress. Google, which antecedently had not commented on its internal investigation, will break its silence: In a forthcoming diary post, the search giant addicted that it discovered more or less $4,700 worth of search-and-display ads with dubious Russian ties. Previously, Facebook had only divided up information on ads purchased by Kremlin-tied accounts, informative that they reached more than 10 million U. It also rumored 18 You electron tube channels related to with the Kremlin’s disinformation efforts, as well as a number of Gmail addresses that “were second hand to open accounts on other platforms.” And chitter intent narrate Congress that it found more than 2,700 accounts fastened to a illustrious Russian-sponsored organization called the Internet Research Agency, according to sources known with its testimony.

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Google Confirms Russia's Federal News Agency Outlet Blocked From Google News - Sputnik International

A Google exponent confirmed to satellite that materials from the Federal program Agency, a slavonic online outlet, are currently out of stock in the Google broadcast aggregator, however, did not condition the reason fanny the outlet’s rejection from the service. capital of the russian federat (Sputnik) – Commenting on the ban of the Russian Federal information Agency, Google said that the sources of Google info were regularly updated and though the website of the northerner News Agency cannot be found in the Google information search, it is still accessible via Google Search. READ MORE: Google wage No You Tube Policy Violation by RT, State Media in Russia investigate On Thursday, the outlet’s spokesman told satellite that all golf links to the agency’s articles had been excluded from Google News and that the whole deposit of the authorities program Agency's articles has been deleted from the service.

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Preconception - Russian translation – Linguee

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