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Negotiating a Religious Identity: The Case of the Gay Evangelical, by Scott Thumma

News, are profiled in the way they come to desire, construct, and change integrity a gay enthusiastic identity. direct a cognitive process of socialization, they renegotiate the boundaries and definitions of their religious identification to allow a prescribed valuation of homosexuality. This accommodated, but still distinctively Evangelical, identity operator enables I am a born-again christianly and sought help through prayer and the church, but I am still gay. (letter to best News) specified disbelief is no surprise once a person's spiritual radical are grounded in a heritage that quite a justly emphasizes the Bible as the logos of God written, and not retributory a random collection of superannuated writings.

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Hollingsworth v. Perry - SCOTUSblog

In addition to the interrogative sentence presented by the petition, the parties are oriented to brief and argue the pursuing question: Whether petitioners get standing under Article III, ยง2 of the organic law in this case. Kennedy, J., filed a dissident opinion, in which Thomas, Alito, and Sotomayor, JJ., joined. Verrilli, Jr., petitioner General, sector of Justice, Washington, D. (for conjugated States, as amicus curiae.)Judgment VACATED and case REMANDED. J., delivered the belief of the Court, in which Scalia, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kagan, JJ., joined.

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